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Pre Orders

This page is geared only towards Pre-orders. 
Pre-order listings are NOT ready to ship. 
  • All Pre-Orders can take SIX to EIGHT weeks to arrive AFTER the closing date.  In some cases pre-orders can take longer and the turn around time will be listed.  Dazzled Babies nor myself can control shipping delays. 

  • Pre-orders are non-refundable, if due to a shipping delay. We do our best to estimate and be as accurate as we can on production and ship times, however some things are out of our control.


  • By Pre-Ordering and Paying ahead of everyone you are assured that your requested and paid for size will be ordered and shipped to you the moment the order arrives.


  • To avoid a delay in shipping of any and all pre-orders please do not combine a order with another pre-order or in-stock item. We will NOT ship until all items are in.


To avoid a delay in shipping of any and all pre-orders PLEASE do not combine a PRE-ORDER with a set that is IN STOCK and ready to ship with any other pre-order. 

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          If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at DazzledBabies@gmail.com 


       If you order from multiple preorders, your order will not ship until ALL parts have arrived.    
      Please place separate orders for fastest delivery if you do not wish to wait.
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